Accident and Sickness Insurance

Accident and sickness insurance is a type of short-term income protection insurance that covers for hospitalization, emergency-room care and outpatient recovery. This medical cover policy will payout if you suffer and accident or fall sick which will make you unable to work.

Taking this medical cover comes with a lot of its advantages. This is because, in case you suffer an illness or injury that will make you unable to work, your savings will not sustain you for a long period of time. by taking this cover, you will be able to get some cash for sustenance during the period of sickness. Your mind is always at peace when you take a sickness protection because, in case you are unable to work, all the monthly financial obligations will be covered.

Accident and sickness insurance are offered by some employers, government organizations as well as other insurance companies across the world. In cases where your employer is providing this insurance cover, you should consider the duration by which you can be compensated while you are sick and month amount of compensation. In some cases, employers only compensate you for a period of 26 weeks with a pay of £79.15 per week.

Sickness insurance covers your income against sickness. Before applying for a sickness insurance, it is important to understand all the terms and conditions of that insurance. This is to avoid any possible surprises that you might face when you claim it.

Accident insurance is also important and you should consider having one. This is because everyone is exposed to risks every day. In case you suffer from an accident for a period of time which will make you unable to work, you can get compensated. Our savings cannot sustain us for a longer period. Therefore it is advised to take an accident insurance.

Accident and sickness insurance provides peace of mind. You stay knowing that should anything happen your monthly financial obligations will be covered so you can concentrate on recovery. There are many accident and insurance services on the market with different policies and different prices. It is therefore advised that you know their terms and differences in cover for you to make an informed decision.

In Most cases, there are a number of accidents and sicknesses that most of the insurance company don't compensate. Examples of these include:

  1. Accident or sickness that results from drug or alcohol abuse.
  2. Self-inflicted injuries.
  3. Pre-existing conditions such as the illnesses that already know about. Example are chronic diseases that you might have suffered before taking an insurance cover.

Advantages of accident and sickness insurance

  1. When you get insured, the coverage begins immediately upon issuance. There is no waiting period for which the insurance will be effective.
  2. The insurance benefits are paid directly to you or to anyone you might choose to benefit from the cover.
  3. Your mind is always at peace. When you get an accident or sickness cover, your mind is always at peace since you are protected all time whether on job or not.
  4. There is no claims penalty.
  5. You own the insurance policy. This enables you to keep the coverage in case you change your place of work.