Caught Speeding in Texas?

The state of Texas has an average of 13.5 million registered drivers. This means that a large number of drivers face the possibility of receiving a speeding ticket in Texas from the law. Many such drivers do not know some of the most basic laws that may lead to such a situation. Other do not know their rights, and the right thing to do in case they are issued with a ticket. Information is power, and the right information may help one avoid an unnecessary ticket. The state of Texas has some of the most strict traffic laws. It may seem that drivers receive the short end of the stick, but it is for their own safety.

Some of the situations that may result in one receiving a ticket include minor violations. Disobeying a railroad sign may attract a fine of between fifty to two hundred dollars. If one fails to stop for a school bus, the fine is between two hundred and one thousand dollars for first offenders. A second offender may attract a six month suspension. Parking in a disabled area without the proper documents results in a fine of up to five hundred dollars. Speeding results in a fine of up to a hundred and fifty dollars, but this depends on the municipality.

Major violations result in serious penalties. Driving without a license attracts a fine of up to two hundred dollars. If one is found to drive under the influence, the fine is up to two thousand dollars for first offenders. It also attracts a minimum of ninety day driving license suspension and a minimum of 3 days in jail. A hit and ran will attract up to five thousand dollar fine, and a maximum of 5 years in jail. Intoxication manslaughter attracts a ten thousand dollar fine and 2 to 20 years in jail. Reckless driving invites a fine of close to two hundred dollars and thirty days in jail. It is important to note that the acceptable blood alcohol level in Texas is 0.8.

It is interesting to note that this state records the hummer as the vehicle with the highest number of tickets. Majority of the tickets issued are not as a result violations. Most of these laws are easy to observe, but most people still find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Some of these laws include observing a maximum speed requirement, overtaking emergency vehicles, driving without a license, observing speed limits, and obeying stop signs.

When most people are issued with a speeding ticket, they pay it off without a question. Receiving this ticket increases one's insurance premium. It may also result in unnecessary court cases. It is important to obey the various laws put in place that ensure that the roads are safe. However, sometimes one is caught up in a situation that results in a bevy of legal problems. Such situations require one to be extra careful. One needs to have an eye out for situations that may result to these problems.

All in all, a speeding ticket may result into many problems for the driver. However, to the state, tickets are a way to keep drivers in check. They are also a major source of income for cities within the state. A single cop can provide an income of close to two hundred thousand dollars for the state on a yearly basis. It is therefore each individual's responsibility to obey the traffic rules to avoid the ticket.