Camouflage Shoes

The world goes through crazes. At the moment, the most trending craze, at least as far as shoes go in the fashion world, is camouflage shoes

Everybody is spotting them, from top celebrities to everyday Joes and Janes. These shoes come in quite a wide variety of styles. You can get camouflage pumps, camouflage flats, camouflage wedges, camouflage boots, camouflage sandals and almost any other style you can dream up, it probably has a camouflage design. This craze is so popular right now that we even have camouflage luxury vehicles. All credit should go to the Armed Forces, they were on to something here. What speaks even more volumes for this craze is that high end and exclusive designers such as Giovinto Rossi and Manolo Blahnik have some camouflage pieces within their collections.

The thing about camouflage shoes is that they can go with almost anything… black. When it comes to mixing them with other colors, you have to know what you are doing. Camouflage heels and boots are a brilliant idea for people who want to give off a rugged yet chic look.

Anything camouflage has a rugged feel to it, thanks to the fact that camouflage quite literally belongs to the afore mentioned Armed Forces. That and the fact that this sort of gear is synonymous with outdoor activity such as camping, hiking and mountain climbing.

The main trick is to avoid overdoing it. As a fashion sensible person, you are well within your rights to wear a nice petit camouflage top, complete it off with a beautiful pair of dark blue or black jeans and finally throw in your gorgeous camouflage ankle strap heels. This look does not over-do the camouflage effect. Wearing a camouflage top, pants and shoes will give off a very strange look that even the ruggedest of them all, the Armed Forces, does not spot. You therefore have to know your limits.

It is almost a guarantee that camouflage shoes will go with any color you wear, provided it is a single color. You can mix different hues, but be sure that it is the same color. You can wear a nice pair of camouflage flats with blue Denim jeans and top it off with a petit top that is a lighter shade of blue. Or you could wear camouflage boots with a nice pair of black pants or shorts and a clean white T-Shirt. Better yet, you could make them cargo pants or shorts.

It is all about your personal style. As always, it is advisable to keep your shoes clean and non-scruffy. Nothing ruins a good pair of shoes as dirt and scuff. Try as much as you can to keep your shoes in pristine condition and your look will always have a touch of class.

That and do not wear the wrong pair of shoes with the wrong kind of outfit. If you are going to spot an evening dress, you do not want to be wearing camouflage boots with that, you will just look tacky and uncoordinated.