Is a Speeding Ticket a Misdemeanor?

A common question - "Is a Speeding Ticket a Misdemeanor?". Numerous traffic tickets are given for "infractions”, which are considered to be minor driving violations. Heavy traffic misconducts are categorized as felonies. Nevertheless, there are some traffic violations that fall in the middle category of misdemeanors. These traffic violations are punishable by law. An offender can either be fined, jailed, or be denied some driving privileges. Persons indicted with this form of traffic offenses should consult legal advice from an attorney. If a person is to be aligned in court for such a traffic violation, he or she must appear before the court with an attorney.

Some drivers have the urge to reach their destinations within the shortest time possible. In most cases, such drivers never evade a speeding ticket. Most drivers who are thrilled by the idea speed feel sanguine that they will receive a ticket at a point in the future. This has many drivers pondering, are speeding tickets delinquencies? Before contacting an attorney at the Traffic Ticket Justice department, drivers should understand the severity of the all-too-common driving ticket.

Misdemeanors tickets vary in different states and the circumstances surrounding over speeding. For example, California, which is similar to most other states, categorizes its tickets by misdemeanors, infractions, and felony charges. Illinois Supreme Justice Court divides all traffic violations, apart from packing, in two categories. First, there are violations which can be settled out of court. Secondly, traffic irregularities, which requires a driver to attend a court hearing. Most of the speeding tickets are classified under infractions. There are several cases where speeding offenses can occur. First, when a driver is driving excessively fast. These are cases from 20 to 50 MPH above the speed limit. In most cases, the violations are issued tandem with other violations, like reckless endangerment.

Other cases are driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). A driver may also cause a road accident and drive away without reporting the accident to the police. A driver may be driving a vehicle without a license, drive carelessly, or have expired car insurance documents.

A driver issued with such a ticket is at a risk of having his license revoked or temporarily suspended. Normally, the charges come with a 2 point penalty which is placed on a license. This means that if a driver violates any more traffic regulations within 12 months, his license is suspended. This could also lead to a shambolic legal situation which might end up costing a driver vast sums of money.

For drivers who are asking themselves whether speeding is a driving malfeasance, the time to call a traffic violation attorney is now. Such attorneys can be found the Traffic Ticket Justice department. When a person's ability to drive is facing a risk, there is no point of taking chances. Following the advice of traffic specialists will help drivers to keep off driving misconduct points off their licenses.