Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranial sacral therapy, which is also known as craniopathy, is the physical exertion of changes to the craniosacral system of the body. This system consists of the cerebral spinal fluid, spinal cord and brain. Experts have proven that blockage, or interruptions of the flow of the spinal fluid can cause emotional, behavioral and learning complications. Therefore, the main aim of this sacral therapy is to get rid of any blockages or interruptions. It is performed by pressing the skull and spine on different parts.

All human beings have the cranial fluid that flows from the brain through the spinal to the sacrum and then returns back in a certain natural manner. Any blockages in the energy system of the body, birth trauma, injuries to the body tissues especially soft ones, tight fascia or any other body dysfunction, are potential inhibitors of the smooth flow of the cranial fluid. When the normal flow of the fluid is interrupted or compromised in any way, dysfunctions occur within the body. Some of the dysfunctions include organ dysfunctions, headache, autism, tight fascia, MS, concussions and migraines among others. All these have been successfully dealt with by cranial sacral therapy.

Anyone seeking the therapy should just expect gentle physical manipulation techniques on the body. The therapist will push and massage the spine, skull and other body parts that are related to inflexibility and inflammation. They utilize pump and release techniques to create movement in the particular body part under therapy. The physical manipulations will direct the flow of blood and eventually more motion in that part of the body. The process remains effective when the body and spirit entities of the patient are involved

This sacral therapy is safe when performed by an expert and for the right condition. Just like other physical therapy treatments, there are exceptional medical conditions that can make it inappropriate for some people. One of these conditions includes where just a slight increase in intracranial pressure would result into body instability. Others are cerebral hemorrhage, acute aneurysm and other pre-existing bleeding disorders. It is advisable to seek proper medical advice before choosing this therapy.

Due to the therapy's influence on the normal functions of the central nervous system, it has direct and numerous benefits to the body. These benefits have initiated its use as a preventive health measure. This therapy can eliminate a variety of specific medical conditions and even bolster disease resistance. Some of the conditions that it can eliminate include chronic fatigue, chronic back & neck pain, tension, emotional issues and post traumatic stress disorder among others.

After any cranial sacral therapy session, the body needs about 1 to 2 days to adjust to the physical manipulations. It is recommended that one moves with caution for the 2 days in order for the body to stabilize itself to the changes. Most patients usually feel some form of instability during this stabilization phase. However, this should not be a cause of worry as it is only temporary. It is also recommended that patients take a lot of water so that all toxins released can be flushed out. Accumulation of toxins causes a feeling of sickness hence should be avoided.