Cool Exotic Pets

You are a typical category of pet devotee in search for new pets, however cats are impudent, dogs are too docile and tropical fish cannot get any covet from your neighbors. Although dogs and cats are perennially popular pets sometimes as a pet devotee, you might find them not cool anymore. You don't have to feel hopeless, since here is a considerable furthermore officially authorized cool exotic pets that makes the exceptional and the wildly companions available for you. For the purpose of guiding you, here is a number of cool exotic pets by considering disparate factors, for instance uncommonness, cohabitation capability as well as the attraction factor since not all exotic animals make good pets.

Sugar gliders

These animals can act as good exotic pet if you find the perennially popular pets not fun anymore. As the name suggest it is similar to the squirrel since it glides between tress. These Australian marsupials are snooping creatures and have little costs when it comes to care for than a fussy koala. It is easy to associate them with flying squirrels however; they are not related at all.


This native South American animal is considered as the largest rodents in the world weighing approximately 140 lbs. When fully grown, the capybara measures 4 feet (1.2 meters) it is related to the guinea pig. Sometimes it is rare to find this animal as a pet, but if you find one, caring for it as a cool exotic pets might be a bit easier since they are never fully domesticated. It is advisable to have one when young so that you can establish a human-rodent relationship. They feed on fresh grass and fresh water.


If you are not keen it is easy to mistaken a hedgehog for small a porcupine however, they are not related. These animals vary in sizes 5 pounds to 1.5 pounds (.23 kilograms to .6 kilograms). They are generally low maintenance pets as well as gentle. Wild hedgehogs feed on insect, but when domesticated, they can feed on hedgehog mixes which is readily available at your local pet stores. It is advisable to have one when young so that you can establish a human-rodent relationship. For living conditions, it is recommended to house them in cages, no smaller than 30 by 24 inches (76 by 60 centimeters) and at least 15 inches (38 centimeters) tall so that to have room for exercise wheels.


The wallaby originates from Australia thus explaining why it is a marsupial similar to its cousin the kangaroo. When fully grown it measures up to 41 inches (104 centimeters) in length as well as weigh up to 53 pounds (24 kilograms). Though it might appear as a cute pet, it requires a lot of space to hop around at high speeds because it is a fast jumper. They feed on a lot of fresh grass, leaves and fruits like apples. Since they are great escape artist you will need to have a fencing that is no less than 5 feet (1.5 meters) or taller and has additional chains, along the bottom half so as to avoid incidents of them escaping below the fence. It is advisable to keep them in pairs since they are social animals a reason for choosing them as cool exotic pets of your choice.