Speeding Ticket Points

Motoring laws require that you drive at given speeds when using certain roads. While there may be some variations on such regulations as you move across states, some rules are similar. For instance, the number of speeding ticket points you can have on your license before facing prosecution or being disqualified as a driver range from 8 to 12 points in most states in the United States.

While some offenses attract small fines, others are severe. For example, those with 3 points need not to worry as they will only pay a few dollars in the form of traffic fines. However, if these offenses keep on recurring, there is need for concern about prosecution and dire punishments in the end. As stated before, some states have laws that will invalidate your driving license if you cannot abide by the traffic rule.

There are things you need to know in relation to what to do when slapped with a fine, or prosecution, (in worst cases) for breaking the speed rules. First, understand the nature of the fine, ensure you read and understand the charges thoroughly and see whether it is safe to contest it. As mentioned, there are a certain points that will attract severe penalties if you were to go to court. Consequently, consider the type of fine and pay it (only if the charges are correct).

The biggest question in the minds of most motorists is how to handle incorrect speeding tickets. For instance, if the vehicle in question was stolen, it is advisable that you consult a legal expert on how to write an appeal to the police or even contest the matter in court. It is also important to know that ignorance of the law is not a defense, so lame excuse(s) will not hold in court and may attract even more severe penalties. There are situations where the charges may be incorrect, but you do not have a strong point to contest them, or the police have rejected your appeal. It is therefore good that you pay the fine, and settle the matter out of court. However, you may take the matter to court depending on the advice of your lawyer.

In the above circumstance, ensure you write a letter indicating your desire to appear in a court to formally challenge the speeding penalty. In addition, the said appeal, or desire to contest the fine in court, should be filed within the stipulated time. Some are within twenty-eight days and others may be less.

Some situations are considered acceptable defense. A given case is when you were not over speeding, and thus wrongly accused or there was a different driver in the car when the over speeding was recorded. Similarly, you stand a good chance in court if the speed limits were not well indicated (no clear notice indicating the speed limits on the road).

Moreover, you are safe from the fine if the vehicle was not correctly identified. This may be due to wrong recording of the number plate, or errors by the road safety camera. You can however always challenge the speeding ticket points in court, and win, provided you know your rights.