Unscented Shampoo

Normally it is not easy to live life without unwanted scents as most of them have harmful chemicals but if you are sensitive to them then you can be compelled to make your life fragrance free. Though you can use unscented shampoo and other health care products to keep you away from the ill effects of scents from your life but still you have to bear various unwanted smells in your day-to-day life. You can not resist smelling your soap and various other things in your home that have artificial fragrances.

You can control yourself to be free from scents but how you can control others while passing through somewhere. If you are working at a place where perfumed air fresheners and scented cleaning products are normally used then you are always at risk of exposure to their smells. You will not be able the control the overwhelming effect of these perfumes and fragrances on your health, if you are sensitive to them. Then how you can celebrate a fragrance free day?

Before discussing how to celebrate fragrance free day you should know why you should celebrate it. Most of the scents you come across in your day-to-day life have hidden harmful chemicals that may create various health problems especially for the people suffering from chronic COPD or asthma etc. Even healthy people sometimes find it difficult to breathe-in perfumed air due to chemicals present in it.

Moreover these chemicals in scents that enter in your body through your breath as well as your skin show various types of reactions. The severity of the reaction of these chemicals depends upon individual's nature as some are mildly affected whereas others may experience severe reactions. Some of the natural scents also have allergic effect on various people. Dizziness, headaches, lethargic feeling, short breathing, worsening of asthma, nausea and cold-like feeling are some of the normal symptoms caused by the chemicals in the scents.

All these reasons had introduced the concept of Fragrance Free Day in the near past which is celebrated as an annual event. Main purpose of this event is to spread awareness among people about the ill effects of the chemical based scents and the ways to fight with the problems caused by them. This event is usually celebrated by the effected individuals along with the organizations and businesses that are concerned about the increasing number of fragrance effected patients. They usually publicly distribute fragrance free products including unscented shampoo to encourage them to make the environment free from the problems created by the scents.

Fragrance Free Day is celebrated every year since 2010 by the businesses involved in manufacturing natural pet products to aware people about the disadvantages of chemicals in the fragrances. Various types of events are organized all over the world on this day to provide healthy environment to people. They educate people not to spray scents at least for one day to make them aware about the health problems caused by chemicals in them.

Thus you can celebrate Fragrance Free Day by including unscented shampoo in your daily use.