Scoliosis Surgery Recovery

The human spine is the most important part of the body as it helps one to stand upright. However, this joy can be cut short when the spine is not straight enough leading to a condition known as scoliosis. This spine disorder affects mostly kids below the age of ten. It can also be seen in teenager.

This body condition can be treated using braces or surgery. Only in extreme cases when the spine has a curve of more than forty degrees is surgery applied. Otherwise, braces are used when this condition is not severe. Scoliosis surgery recovery is a process that requires patience and understanding. Otherwise, the patient may have a rough time.

Understanding the scoliosis surgery recovery process

As this surgery involve a crucial part of your body, giving it the required attention will help you heal faster and reduce cases of complications that may arise. With the advancement in technology, the process is made much easier thus high chances of a perfect outcome.

Pain management

After the surgery, the possibility of you feeling pain is much high. one is given patient controlled analgesia (PCA).This is a pump which is meant to deliver pain controlling drugs to the patient at the press of a button by the patient.

After the first order of PCA, the patient will change drugs to oral ones with a certain prescription. For aduilts, they take the prescription at a diminishing rate for a considerable period but children stop the medication after around two weeks.

Fluid drains

They are meant to prevent fluid accumulation in the body. The drains are made through incisions that are inserted on their back or body side for around three days. The drains found on the chest are known as chest tubes and they prevent air from accumulating in the lungs.

When the level of fluids that are draining in your body reduces, the drains are removed together with the urinary catheter that was meant to keep the patient comfortable.


After the second or the third day, the patient will be required to practice walking. This is with the help of a nurse or a physical therapist. The distance that one is required to walk is increased daily to be back to normal within a short time.

In some cases, aduilts may need a walker crane to be able to walk due to their body mass. For children, they are encouraged not to use walking aid.

Food consumption

No food is taken immediately after surgery, after two to three days, patients are encouraged to sip of clear liquids and later on take solid food and have a regular diet. After the bowels have stablised, the patient can now take frequent meals to maintain the body weight.

When one is to be discharged from hospital, the doctors ensure that he/she can:

The patient can now go home for full recovery. For one to be fully recovered, they should be able to do the following.

Have a right respiratory function

After the surgery, the level of lung function may decline. To help raise the level of breathing system, Respiratory exercises should be performed for some few hours to help raise them. These exercises include deep breathing and frequent coughing.

Perform majority of the task

A fully recovered patient should be able to perform simple task like walking, swimming jogging or even cycling as a way to show a fully recovered position. Any pain ought to be reported to the surgeon. It is also wise to follow the advice given on the work to be done.

For anyone who may have an appointment to undergo this surgery, they should bear in mind that scoliosis surgery recovery is not complex process; you will soon be back to your normal function.