Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec

The scientific name of Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec is Echinops telfairi. They belong to class mammalia and are identified by the presence of mammary glands, external pinna or the visible part of the ear and hair on the body surface. Telfairi is the only species that is present under the genus Echinops. They have thus named scientifically to honor the famous Irish botanist Charles Telfair.

Physical Appearance

The Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec has an overall physical appearance that is almost similar to a normal hedgehog and hence they are commonly named after hedgehog. Their bodies are stout and small. The overall head and body length of this animal is around 5 to 6.8 inches which is roughly estimated to be around thirteen to seventeen centimeter. The average body weight of a full grown Echinops telfairi is about seven once, which approximately is about 0.2 kg. The general body color of this animal is yellow buff which helps them to mix well with their surroundings. However, certain individuals of this animal group can also be almost black or near white colored. They have comparatively short tails but absolutely identifiable and appropriate external ears. The limbs and muzzles belonging to them are moderately long. The dorsal parts of the body of these animals have spines completely covering it.

Natural Habitat

The natural habitat of these animals stretch over a large part of land all over. Some of land types that could easily help these animals to grow and survive, for they are they are of the variety of their natural habitat are as follows:

  1. Sub tropical dry forests.
  2. Tropical dry forests.
  3. Sub tropical dry lowland grassland.
  4. Tropical dry lowland grassland.
  5. Dry Savannah grasslands.
  6. Sub tropical dry shrub land.
  7. Tropical dry shrub land.

However, the Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec is endemic to Madagascar and its surrounding areas because the weather conditions of these places are best suited for the healthy living of this variety of animals.

Active and Hibernation Periods

These animals go for a complete hibernation during the winter. Due to the abundance of trees and shades in the natural habitat of these animals, they spend their daytime under a log or inside a hollow tree in shade. They lie in curled positions during moderate weather conditions. However, during hot summers, these animals are found to sleep with their body extended to get maximum wind to their entire body.

Breeding Season

The breeding season of Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec is during the months of October. However, the arousal of these animals largely depends on the weather conditions and the available food supply.

Food Habits

These animals generally forage alone, except for the ones with young ones. The general food habit includes the consumption of insectivores and insects. In many cases, they also consume small vertebrate as well as small invertebrate animals.

Scientific Ordering

These animals belonging to kingdom Animalia, further fall under Phylum Chordata for the presence of Notochord. They again belong to order Afrosoricida and family Tenrecidae which are subdivisions under the class Mammalia. As their scientific name suggests, they are a part of genus Echinops and species E. telfairi.