Car Accident Stories

Car Accident Stories have changed significantly from the days of Mary Ward and the experimental steam car that killed her in 1869. The number of motor vehicles is increasing day by day and this is constantly changing the history of the Auto-mobile industry.

Motor vehicles are used for various purposes. These include transportation of cargo and people, to show off ones status and the most notable change is how they are being used as pieces of entertainment by the new generations. It is for this use that has resulted in a significant increased number of accidents on our roads.

As the motor vehicles increase in number, so do the number of accidents, bringing about genuine injuries and countless deaths. Some of these mishaps are because of ignorance, intoxication, absence of certainty or capability, perplexity, etc. But the main cause of all this menace is speeding.

A lot of individuals nowadays, particularly youngsters, love to show off. The adrenaline surge in them is a lot to resist, and when their driving permit arrives on the doormat, these unpracticed new drivers are now setting out toward the twisty B-streets in their new steed.

Throughout the span of the previous weekend there have been a significant number of street mishaps everywhere throughout the USA and UK, one of which, in Lancashire, was brought on by a 19-year old driving an Audi A5. The slowest A5 is still a two-liter turbo diesel with an extremely high top end speed. This suggests that either this nineteen year old was exceptionally rich himself, had rich folks, or was driving company car.

Stories like these bring up issues about accidents and about what can sensibly be done to reduce their numbers. While it has been shown that legitimate preparing/education does help, it doesn’t take care of every issue. Experienced drivers, may feel that they are better qualified than their non-developed colleagues to drive quickly, this can often lead to an over confident state. The most likely time for this to occur is 2-3 years after passing your test where complacency sets in.

It may not be the best idea to frighten new drivers with photos of car accidents or tell them about those horrific car accident stories. Nonetheless, it is likewise extravagant for insurance agencies to be continually paying out cases against drivers who have brought on broad pulverization on the grounds that they think they are Lewis Hamilton.

Without a doubt all the more hard-line methodology is needed. There are a number of things that can be done. One could be to fit all new cars with devices that monitor their speed. The insurance agency could then screen the driver’s conduct over the previous year with regards to re-establishment time and reward them for cautious driving for the same period. Similarly the police could issue programmed fines for any event that the car has been found over speeding.

An alternative could be to fit a gadget to the car that electronically restricts its speed as indicated by the cut-off set up. Another possibility in the future is for cars to be regulated by external signals that adjust the cars speed according to the current road speed restrictions.

The number of accidents that are happening on our roads proves that something needs to be done urgently to curb the menace. Human life needs to be prioritized!