Non Invasive Back Surgery

Are you planning to undergo back surgery? If yes, there are certain things that you need to know to ensure that you have full understanding of the entire process. There are several surgical procedures used, but non invasive back surgery is the most effective ways to treat back pain. Most back surgeons prefer using this procedure compared to open back and fusion methods that were popular in the past. The shift has been as a result of medical findings that back surgery patients feel more satisfied and the method is also safer. This surgical method allows the medical community be able to treat back pain without inflicting any side effects on the patients. Here are some other factors why you should go for non invasive back surgery option.

It is estimated that 65 percent of patients remain disabled and home bound for several weeks after undergoing open back surgery. In contrast, 75 percent of those who undergo the non invasive surgery resume back to their normal responsibilities within two weeks after the procedure. Patients who undergo open back and fusion methods stay in the hospital between two and five days in order to recover. However, for non invasive surgery patients, they usually go home some few hours after the surgery.

The infection rate is also high in other invasive procedures. This results from the larger wounds and long healing time that increase the risk of infection. On the other hand, non invasive procedures expose a patient to fewer infections because there are no wounds and the healing time is also less. In terms of complications after the procedure, non invasive procedures have an estimated 4 percent complication rate compared to 30 percent complication in open back surgery. Non invasive back surgery is more efficient as it does not require general anesthesia while the invasive back surgery requires anesthesia making it more complicated.

The wide selection of medical data that support non invasive surgery procedure demonstrates its efficiency. With the invasive procedures, a large wound is cut across the back to allow the spine and vertebra to be exposed. There is a lot of vascular and muscular movement required in order to make the surgeon have a better view of the affected area. In non invasive surgery, all these hassles are eliminated because just small incisions are cut into the back directly on affected part. An endoscope which is a long tube fitted with a camera is inserted into the incision to visualize the affected part. Then, small scalpels or laser are used to carry out the surgery.

With the rapid development of knowledge in surgical procedures, there is great hope that this procedure will finally put back pain problems to rest without any complications. These developments will finally bring to an end the sufferings back pain patients go through and make the work of the medical community more efficient.

With all the above benefits it is advisable to opt for non invasive back surgery to reduce complications and infections. The good thing is that you will have your entire back pain problems eliminated completely in an easy procedure.