Baseball Rings

Baseball rings are rings given to each and every player after winning. These are so sought after even more desired than the cup trophy itself. They cost the teams thousands of dollars to make due to the high content decorations of silver and gold, which are both very expensive valuables.

The rings are beautifully made to the satisfaction of the team and all its respective players. The most expensive ring to date is that awarded to the Florida Marlins after emerging the champions of the Major League Baseball World Series, which was in the year 2003. Usually the ring is big enough to accommodate the name of the player, his name, number and of course the position. The ring had over 200 diamonds and was specially designed by the owner of the team then Jeff Luria.

In baseball, a position player has seven other position players, not to mention three starting pitchers and a closer so a superstar has about an 8% chance of winning it for his team. Therefore, baseball is more of a team sport, which is why the baseball rings are very important to these players. The kind of teamwork observed to achieve this is inexplicable. The rings offer the players so much incentive to go out there and give the game everything they got. The morale given by the rings is undeniably the fire behind each player is fighting spirit.

The baseball rings given to the Chicago White sox was one of the most interesting rings ever awarded to the team and the players at the same time after becoming the winners. The ring elicited so much acclaim and love from baseball lovers all over the world from the west spreading across to the east. The ring was an exemplary one and stood out from other rings. It was beautifully shaped with the words 'sox' inscribed on the front of the ring in the front of Old English. The rings were made of over 90 pure diamonds. This amounted to an amazing weight of more than two carats. A very huge amount in terms of diamond language.

Not winning the baseball rings is not a mark of unprofessionalism in the sport though; many great baseball players have gone without winning the baseball rings such as Jed Jacobson, Stephen Dunn, Ken Levine and Eppa rixey. The greatness of these players cannot be over-emphasized, by not winning the much coveted baseball rings, that did not take away the fact that they were some of the best players the game has ever witnessed throughout its history. In all sports as well, not winning titles or trophies does not take away the individual prowess that a proper sportsman must be accorded with due respect regardless of the situation.

In conclusion, to be honest, you can be lucky to see a baseball ring or even been exposed to it. These is because these gems are very rare, and their owners are protective of them, who would not be anyway? Photos of these can be viewed online, but are hardly ever for sale.