Have you been caught speeding in North Carolina?

Finding yourself with in North Carolina with a speeding ticket can be a big problem. The consequences vary depending on the county, but for the most part, the process sticks to a uniform system.

Obviously, as can be expected, the further over the speed limit a driver goes, the higher the fine will be. The set rate for speeding tickets in North Carolina is $10 for a violation between one and five mph over the limit; $15 between six and ten; and $30 from 11 to 15. If any of these speeds have been broken, but still remain under 80mph, a court appearance can be waived after an admission from the guilty party. If breaking 80mph however, things may get more complicated, and a court appearance may be necessary. The amount will be stated on the fine at the time of reception, and if chosen, court costs can lie anywhere from $100 onwards depending on the severity of the charge.

Assuming an offense was committed, there are several ways to approach, and sometimes lessen, a ticket. The simplest option would be to pay it; online, by mail, or in person. This gets it out of the way, and assuming it is paid on time, no more fines will be incurred. There is the option of a plea bargain, which could result in a smaller fine, but if not dealt with correctly, could make matters worse.

Points may be placed on your license depending on the severity of the offense. Typically, three points are added for a ticket for a speeding offense over 55mph, with 12 points in three years resulting in a suspended license.

Aside from the legal issues presented by the government and local authorities, another wallet pincher that tags quietly along with speeding is insurance increases. After receiving a ticket, not just in North Carolina, it can be expected that insurance for the driver could grow significantly. Some companies will have slightly more relaxed policies than others, but a ticket labels the driver as wreckless.

One silver lining for multiple offenders is the possibility of Driver Improvement Clinics, set up to make better drivers and in turn remove some points from a worryingly full driving record.

The best, and problem free way to get through a speeding violation is to cooperate fully, ask questions, and meet any deadlines. Police officers are doing their job, and will not treat offenders like criminals, which they are not. The worst action possible is to argue with an officer, ignore payment deadlines, and not go to court cases. When this happens, people do get arrested, and do become criminals with much more serious charges and heftier fines to produce.

Speeding tickets can be life changing if dealt with in the wrong manner, but doing just the opposite and complying with the punishments set out can make them no more than a mere speed bump in the road.