Hemicentetes Semispinosus Tenrec

There exist two species of the genus hemicentetes semispinosus tenrec, H nigriceps and H semispinosus; they are only found in Madagascar . H semispinosus are foundalso known asLowland streaked tenrecs in the rainforests found in the island, the highland streaked tenrecs also known as H nigriceps exists in the plateau savanna boundary and humid forest habitat of Madagascar(central upland part).

Highland streaked tenres are in both savanna and the habitats of tropical rainforest whereas H. semispinosus are found in temperate rainforest habitats. They were believed to have common characteristics, but they coexist in the extensively wide-ranging habitat as they were later found in the year 2000, which made researchers to think that they were two separate species other than subspecies.

H semispinosus are found yellow and black quills covering up themselves and have longitudinal yellow stripes which are four in number. One of the yellow stripes is positioned at the mid of the rostrum, the three other are on the body. Among the stripes positioned on the their bodies,a pair is located down the center of the body sides and the other is on down the dorsum central point. H nigriceps have white and black quills with a related striped pattern, but lack a rostrum's stripe. The role of black with white pattern is to impersonate young Tenrec ecaudatus because the adults of this particular species are well-known to be protective. The specific patterns making up these species have been improved as a of camouflage type while foraging. The two species have sharp detachable quills which are use defense against their enemies; these quills cover up a woolly under fur. A stridulating body organ which is made up of numerous quills is also there, and on rubbing the quills together they produce a high-pitched sound that is believed to be a basis of communication among them. Both types of hemicentetes semispinosus tenrec have no tails, and their bodies have average 140 mm in length. With highland streaked tenrecs, their weights vary from 80 to 150 g, thus making them somehow smaller than H. semispinosus, with body weight which vary from 126 to 280 g. A cloaca is available for urination, reproduction, and defecation., and also both of these species have unique kind molars.

H semispinosus and H nigriceps are almost fully worm eaters, but they can eat other accessible invertebrates. They at times crush the ground with their forepaws, which may enhance earthworm activity. Foraging by highland streaked tenrecs is seems to take place mainly in or manioc fields and rice paddies.The lowland streaked tenrec, is said to be about 160 to 190 millimeters in length excluding the tail. Adult size weighs about 7 ounces. The H. semispinosus is black with yellow stripes down the back. Its coronet is yellow but fades to black as you get closer to its nose. The hemicentetes semispinosus tenrec's underbelly color is chestnut brown. The lowland streaked tenrec has quite a lot of unique characteristics that identifiable. It has black nose that is longer than other kinds of tiny insectivores.The other exclusive feature is the black coloring with yellow striping.