Giant Rodent Pets

Everyone has got his or her favorite pet. Pets are number one humans' best friend. They entertain us, as we find joy in playing with them. They are our best companions as they hardly desert you even if everyone does. There are so many different types of pets, and they include; dogs, cats, tamed rodents, and some are even having snakes as their pets. The list cannot be fully exhausted fully as any other kind of wild animal can be tamed to be a pet. Some have even gone a notch higher to even tame cheetahs to be their pets.

One of the best pets is rodents. They are the wild animals that when tamed can be very good pets. Their life span is between 2-4 years. They are very much social and easy to handle. They mostly enjoy humans' companionship and they hardly bite. They can easily be taught some simple tricks. They vary in size, some can be very small while others can be very large as the size of a dog. Are you surprised? Yes I meant a dog a rodent can be as big as a dog.

The world's largest species are known as capybaras. They are originated from South America and they are weighing more than 100 pounds. Capybara is a very good pet and the one who knows this best is one lady called Melanie Typaldos and her family. She is the world's famous capybaras ambassador. Capybara is a <span style=”font-weight: 600;”>giant rodent pet</span> and its size is comparable to that of a dog.

But very few who are aware of the existence of capybaras despite the fact that rodents are more than a quarter of all mammals. Whenever you tell anybody the size of capybara that person becomes curious. If you show them love and affection, that's exactly what you will get from capybaras. The love of this giant rodent pet is in fact unconditional, honest, genuine and very much intense.

Capybaras are aquatic animals and for that matter they like to spend most of their time in water. If you like swimming, then you will be its friend since they love swimming. When you have a capybara as a pet, believe you me you will enjoy his company. He likes playing a lot especially in water when swimming.

Capybara as a giant rodent pet is like any other pet, it can help you around with some jobs. But when it comes to capybaras, it won't be fare if one doesn't talk about the most famous capybara ever lived by the name Gary. Gary was adopted by Melanie as the owner could not afford to take care of him. Gary is a very smart and affectionate pet. If you call him, he will come and he enjoys sleeping with Melanie who adopted him from his former owner.

Just like any other capybara which is an aquatic animal who likes swimming Gary too likes to swim with Melanie. Gary is a quick learner more than even dogs and cats. He has learnt so fast that even Melanie and her husband are amazed. Gary knows how to shake, how to go round in circle, how to stand on hind limbs and even how to jump.

Capybaras can get along well with other animals like rabbits, dogs and even cats. His up keep is not very expensive as their diet is made of grass. Try and tame this giant rodent pet and I can assure you that you will like their companionship. All you need to do is to construct a swimming pool since they are aquatic animals and for that matter they like swimming.