Baseball Necklaces for Boys

The increasing popularity of baseball on world's sports map had increased the interest of millions of people all over the world to watch baseball games live or on their TV. Most of them had noticed a kind of colorful cord-like fashion accessory in the neck of many baseball players which was recognized later on as Phiten titanium necklace. Players like Joba Chamberlain of the New York Yankees, Josh Beckett of the Boston Red Sox and Matt Hasselbeck of the Seattle Seahawks wear these necklaces with a presumption that their mental as well as physical ability, while playing baseball, gets increased due to them. But what is the fact behind these baseball necklaces for boys, whether they wear them for physiological reasons or psychological reasons?

A Japanese company, Phiten, founded by an alternative medical practitioner, Yoshihiro Hirata, had started producing titanium infused products including baseball necklaces for boys in 1982. According to Phiten these necklaces first of all became popular among Japanese athletes due to their stabilizing effect on their electric flow used by nerves while communicating with body about its actions. According to a Phiten spokesman, Joe Furuhata, these necklaces help in smoothing out the electric flow, which carries all the messages in the body of players, to give suitable signals when it was decreased after playing several innings of the game.

But due to the absence of any scientific evidence most of the doctors and scientists do no believe on the theory claimed by Phiten. According to them such small magnets can not influence the chemical structure of your body. Most of the players who wear these necklaces wear them either for superstitious reasons or for their belief to get luck from them, even if they are not convinced about their scientific effect.

Though there is no physiological evidence behind the effect of baseball necklaces for boys but still their effect on athletes and baseball players can not be ignored flatly, even if they wear them for their superstitions. Superstitions are not new among athletes as many of them use some very ridiculous things to prove their resilience on the play ground. For instance Wade Boggs used to eat only chicken before games, Craig Biggio never washed his batting helmet during the entire season or many others love the ways of voodoo and hokum to continue their winning endurance on the field. Similarly most of the baseball players wear these necklaces with a belief that they increase their confidence level as well as positive attitude. Neither you can stop them from wearing many necklaces nor can you compel them for shaving as no one wants to change the things unless they do not experience their ill effect. Similar is the condition for baseball necklaces for the baseball players as they wear them to ensure their successive win on the playground.

Thus no science can stop baseball players from wearing baseball necklaces for boys, even if there is no evidence of influencing electric flow in their body, until they believe that they are winning due to them.