How to Find Traffic Accidents Near Me Part 2

We need to address several variables during our daily commute. Some examples include the route, the weather conditions and the traffic ahead. All of these will undoubtedly impact our arrival and departure times. Still, it is critical that we remain aware of any accidents that may have recently occurred. Let us take a look at some of the most useful and innovative ways that we can be informed of any delays that may impact our commute.

Online Sources for Personal Computers

One of the most traditional ways to search for traffic accidents is with the help of dedicated online streaming platforms designed for the personal computer. Two popular websites are and Waze up to the minute Recent Traffic Accidents" target="_new"> The primary benefit regarding either one of these systems is that they are easily navigable and the user can search for accidents based off of a discrete address, a ZIP code, a town or an entire region.

Another option is to utilise the real-time streaming power of traffic cameras. A growing number of these devices can be accessed through websites such as Although this alternative may not necessarily supply the user with up-to-date information in regards to an accident, it can be useful to see the road conditions via the use of a live streaming feed. This is also a good way to gauge how far traffic is backed up and to thereafter determine an alternate route.

Those who are looking for official reports mentioning post-accident road closures will be wise to navigate to governmental sites such as (The Federal Highway Administration). Visitors can click on an individual state and then zoom to their specific region of choice. However, we should mention here that the information presented within this site is more pertinent to road closures as opposed to live accident reporting. It is nonetheless a powerful tool to use alongside the aforementioned portals.

Mobile-friendly Applications

Smartphones have become important devices within our daily lives and as a growing number of users will employ these phones to access the Internet, it only makes sense that there are a number of efficient traffic accident applications which can be downloaded within seconds. Let us take a look at the most popular based upon one's operating system.

Android Applications

Beat the Traffic is arguably one of the most popular Android applications. The main advantage with this system is that it collates and interprets accident reports from other users. This can be advantageous, for this information can be disseminated to the public before it is posted on official channels.

Infoblu Traffic is another app worth considering. Known for its user-friendly architecture, accidents are coded by color. Blue and green signify that there are no issues while orange and red indicate severe traffic conditions due to an accident.

iOS Applications

Navigation by Telenav is a well-known application designed for iPhones and tablets with iOS software. Although many use this app to plan a route before heading out, it also offers a built-in feature which posts real-time alerts when an accident is reported. Once an incident is highlighted, it is possible to create an alternative route.

An alternative to Navigation by Telenav is a system known as INRIX. Besides reporting on road conditions, INRIX collects data from several sources including traffic cameras, official channels, police broadcasts and user reports. Thus, it is possible to employ a highly reliable means to discover an accident well in advance. It is also possible to modify one's route accordingly.

Windows Phone Applications

Mango-Traffic-free.php" title="Mango Traffic - Windows Phone Accident and Traffic App" target="_new">Mango Traffic is an application specifically designed to be used with Windows phones. Much like the aforementioned systems, the user can zoom into a specific location and enjoy up-to-date accident information as it becomes available.

Trapster is another interesting app to consider. Trapster informs users of any recent accidents and a benefit with this option is that push alerts are available. Therefore, it will inform the driver of an accident even if he or she is not actively monitoring the application itself.

These are some of the most effective software packages to quickly discover any traffic accidents before heading out on the open road.